Residential Generator Work

We love wiring generators for our customers!


Having dependable standby power is becoming more and more important these days. What do you do when the power goes out? For a few hours? A day? Even a few days? For the cost of a refrigerator full of food and a couple of nights in a hotel – not to mention eating out – we can get you set up to be prepared for the next emergency.

There are several different types of generators, but they fit into two basic categories – portable and standby. A portable generator is an excellent choice for many customers. You can buy it yourself and we can wire it for you very affordably. It gives you a safe and convenient way to protect your home by giving you power for water, heat, refrigerator, and a few basic lights and outlets. A standby generator is a much more significant project and cost, but is the best choice for many customers, as well. A standby generator gives true peace of mind during frightening weather conditions, coming on in the event of an outage, even when you are not home.

We are certified to install and maintain Generac standby generators. Generac is the largest provider of standby generators, and has an excellent reputation in the generator industry. We partner with several local fuel companies to keep our customers out of the dark, and safe during emergency situations.

Give Evan a call at 603-289-1589 to discuss your options, and to get a no-obligation estimate. Do it for safety. Do it for convenience. Do it for peace of mind.

Evan Jones Master Electrician primarily services Bedford, Merrimack, Amherst, Hollis, New Boston, Brookline, and Milford, NH. As of July 2020, EJME North is also serving Twin Mountain, Berlin, and Littleton, NH, as well as the surrounding areas.